Purmorphamine as a Novel Osteoinductive Molecule: A Systematic Review

  • Aida Kheiri
  • Arash Khojasteh
Keywords: Bone regeneration, Osteogenesis, Purmorphamine


Introduction: Small molecules are active substances which are used in bone tissue engineering. They present great characteristics including induction of developmental genes, bioavailability and easy metabolism. Purmorphamine is a small molecule which has been demonstrated to exert osteogenic effects. In the present study we aimed to review present literature regarding the osteogenic effect of purmorphamine.

Materials and Methods: The MEDLINE (NCBI PubMed and PMC), Google Scholar and Scopus were searched by the following keywords “purmorphamine” AND “osteogenesis” OR “osteogenic differentiation” OR “bone formation”. According to PRISMA statement, all in vivo and in vitro studies conducted on osteogenic effect of purmorphamine were included. Search was limited to English-language studies up to February 2020.

Results: Finally, 16 studies were included and the data were extracted. Data were categorized by the studied cell type, purmorphamine dosage and treatment groups, scaffolds and results.

Conclusion: It is demonstrated that purmorphamine may be effective in osteogenic differentiation of various cells but this effect may vary by applied dosage and duration.